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Wasteland 3 Hard Knox Life

Final part needed to assemble a complete toaster

Hello everybody.

This is a side mission that becomes available along the way as you travel to Yuma County. The entrance to the Eastern Plains is just east of the Bizarre entrance. As you cross the bridge and start traveling toward Yuma County a rancher will call you on the radio and want you to investigate the ” bunch of freakshows” that just rolled up. This will open a new side mission Hard Knox Life and the location will be marked on your map. From where I got the radio call the ranch is to the east and fairly easy to find.

The ranch leader will meet you and show you where the psychopaths are but doesn’t want to get involved in the combat. The psycho’s are a group of scar collectors that are trying to get into the right side of the barn. There are 9 scar collectors all together, the leader and 3 cyclops’s I think do the most damage. I took the leader out with my initial sniper shot so that left 5 butchers and 3 cyclops. At the beginning most of the scar collectors were out of range and had to move up so I used the ambush option and took out 1 butcher as they advanced . Now most of the scar collectors were in range and even though I deployed some smoke Lucia and Buckshot went down from a cyclops shot, I guess they weren’t inside the smoke enough. In the end my sniper took out the leader and finished off 2 cyclops’s and my razorback did quite a bit of work also. After combat talk to the ranch leader, he’ll make arrangement for meat to be sent to Ranger HQ and ask you to clear some vermin off the ranch. The vermin are behind the barn on the other side, before you go there survey the yard and collect all of the loot. There are a bunch of land mines on the left side of the barn but you don’t have to go there to get to the rear of the barn, you can go through the barn. Inside the barn, up on the loft on the left there’s a toaster to be repaired. If you’ve been repairing toaster in your play-through you should have various toaster parts and when you repair this toaster you’ll get the final part to be able to assemble a complete toaster, this will open a new location and the toaster repair academy will be marked on your map.

The vermin, a group of poison frogs, are at the back of the barn. There is one land mine, explosives 8, that has to be disarmed. There are 6 poison frogs all together. I positioned my squad at the top of the hill, initiated combat with my sniper and put the rest of my squad into ambush. I held my position until there were 3 frogs left and then I advanced. McBane was the only one to take any damage from the 2 full health frogs that were left. Simo got one with a one shot kill and McBane, Kwon, and Lucia got the other one. After combat collect the loot from the grave and the 2 corpses, one of which will have Quick Quaid, a creepy doll that grants all squad members +5 % sneak attack damage. The mission is completed when you go back to talk to the ranch leader.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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