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Wasteland 3 How To Outsmart The Angry Robots At Ranger HQ

Just arrived to meet the Patriarch

Hello everybody.

With the introductions out of the way you can head inside and talk to the Marshal and Sergei. Sergei will give you a bit of an update on the Dorsey’s and Kwon informs you that the alarm has been tripped but there are angry robots guarding the computer. When you enter the war room you will be confronted by 3 robots that are clearly malfunctioning. If you have either sneak 1 or kiss 1 you wont have to fight, but even if you don’t have them you can still talk your way past.

First statement is the Government is long gone.

Second statement ” We are foolish but so is the order”

Third question ” Were the people who gave the order foolish too ?

Last question ” if orders came from a foolish person…….. orders aren’t absolutely correct?

And that will do it now you can approach the computer and install yourself as command, when you do this the alarm will stop and the Patriarch will enter with his entourage.

Now a long question and answer session ensues where you’ll learn about the Patriarch’s kids and several quests will become available.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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