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Wasteland 3 Let’s Go Fry A Kite camp east of Western White house

Engaging the heretics

Hello everybody.

In order to get to the machine commune you’ll either have to come to an agreement with the godfishers or take them out, and since my objective was to return Valor to Ranger HQ I chose the latter.

After you conversation you could either hack the double doors or repair the generator and turn off the gas. I found it better to attack them from the tunnel up on the right. This provided a choke point and allowed my squad to attack and then move out of the way. After this first group there will be 3 heretics left on the far side of the camp. Moving my squad into position I thought that the game was malfunctioning but it was actually because I got caught by their ambush , first Kwon and then Lucia when I sent her to revive Kwon. These 3 won’t move from their position so when I ended my turn it just came back to me right away. This time I sent Mcbane out to revive the pair, he also was ambushed but both shots missed. With my squad now in position I started working on the last 3 godfishers , I used Simo with the new sniper rifle from the weapon merchant in the white house. The godfisher I decided to take out was set to ambush my squad the next time I moved, but with this awesome rifle he was down in 1 shot. I was trying to attack from 2 fronts and Mcbane had enough AP to get to the one closest and I thought he would just soften him up but he ended up taking him out, so the last one didn’t have much of a chance and it was Mcbane when his turn came up again that finished the job. Mcbane does more than his share and is one of my favourites.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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