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Wasteland 3 Let’s Go Fry A Kite conclusion

Reagan Statue in Action

Hello everybody.

To complete this quest you have to go back to the Kodiak and attempt to leave Denver, as soon as you do the mission will be updated and you’ll get a call from Nancy that they are under attack and need help. Along with defeating the godfishers you also have to keep Nancy alive to make sure you get your reward when the fighting is over. With that in mind I positioned all of my squad on the left so I could reach Nancy should she need healing. I equipped Buckshot with healing darts for this purpose.

For this battle you’ll get some help from the Reagan statue and the Kodiak will also be available so that kind of evens the playing field. Also keep in mind that if you want to keep the Gippers as allies and not fail the mission you can’t shoot any of them not even their turrets. For example when Mcbane is dealing with one of the melee fighters that are attacking one of the turrets he can’t use a thunder strike because that hits the turret as well. Also you have to be careful with the Kodiak and make sure you are only hitting the godfishers.

There are 2 Gipper fighters on the left where I positioned my squad and you have to be aware of the flamethrower and try not to get stuck in front of him or you will be lit on fire. Knowing this I still managed to strand Buckshot right in front of the flamethrower and was lit on fire, 2 other squad members were lit on fire before I moved out of there. I moved all of my squad to deal with the guys on the other side of the combat zone not realizing that there was still one left and by the time I was in range there was pretty much no one left so I had to turn around and move everybody back. When it was over I had taken quite a beating, every member of my squad had received damage. At first it seems that you are grossly out numbered but you just have to focus on what’s in your area and keep an eye on Nancy. As it turned out she came through it unscathed. Talking to Nancy will end the mission, besides all of the other loot you’ll get a Reagan Hood ornament for the Kodiak and $285.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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