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Wasteland 3 Let’s Go Fry A Kite last group in the ruins

One of the little fighters

Hello everybody.

At the start of the video you’ll see a women dressed in blue staring into the green pool of water. I tried to talk to her but it just ended with my whole squad getting the chills. There’s also a block of ice to the left of her that has some good loot once you melt the ice.

There are 2 entrances to this area of the ruins. I found that you’re in a better position attacking from the rear entrance, as you’ll be exposed to fighters on the high ground less. There’s also a chance that not all of the fighters will become involved in the fight, which is what happened in my case.

I positioned my squad just around the bottom of the ramp and initiated combat with my sniper. I targeted a melee fighter with 1093 health and only did 465 damage so he was down to around half health. I now put everybody in my squad except Simo in ambush mode and then ended my turn so they would have to travel to me. This worked well as the melee fighter took 2 attacks even before he got there, so he was taken out with Mcbane and Lucia.

As I was advancing into the next area I notices that the 3 fighters on the left weren’t involved in combat so I left then till the end. The next area up to the right has 2 fighters, 1 little melee guy and 1 rifler. I had positioned Buckshot at the top of the entrance ramp in ambush anticipating the little melee fighter to run down but he attacked the closest member of my squad which happen to be Sparky. Once I got more of my squad up there the 2 of them were easily taken out.

The next area has 2 enemy combatants and as my Razorback beast companion was advancing they were set up to ambush but they missed. By the time I got my squad withing range my Razorback had already reduced one guys health to about half. Mcbane finished him off but was out of AP and unable to retreat, he was however at full health. My companion was the target on the next round but was not hit, so with the Razorback taking a couple of swipes all it took for Mcbane was 1 strike and he was out. There’s one loot location in the left corner of this area of the ruins.

As you move around these ruins be aware of trip wires. I moved most of my squad near the front entrance to the ruins. I left my sniper in the first area I attacked across from the 3 last godfishers. I took out 1 of them with my sniper as I initiated combat. I hacked the doors and positioned my squad at the entrance putting everyone I could into ambush. The melee guy advanced, was shot twice as he traveled. He struck Lucia once reducing her health to about half. Buckshot and Lucia finished off the first guy and then Lucia who had enough AP to move up and took out the last guy with one mega crit shot. This combat all the way through went very well and the use of ambush made the difference.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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