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Wasteland 3 Let’s Go Fry A Kite south west camp

Buckshot explodes a barrel

Hello everybody.

On the way to the camp I stop to sabotage one of the terminals that controls the Reagan statue. Sabotage all 3 only if you’re going to side with the godfishers, I only did one and as it turns out later the statue helps you in an upcoming fight. If you are going to do the Let’s Go Fry A Kite quest and you do it before going to see Ronnie then it’s probable better to turn the statues terminals to ” High Power Mode”

I entered the camp at the entrance that’s close to the Kodiak. I split my squad into 2 groups and after my initial shot I ended my turn and let them come to me. This brought all of the melee fighters and one rifle guy that were down below into range. My Razorback companion went to the 3 guys above to keep them busy and soften them up a little. Splitting my squad allowed me to attack from 2 fronts and with some characters go out attack and then back to safety. When there were 2 guys left I didn’t see the melee guy in the corner and started to work on the rifler. Even after my turn was over and the melee guy hit Buckshot twice and the rifler moved, I still only saw the rifler. So after the rifler was down I started to advance to the area above. I did manage to take out the melee guy with Mcbane and Lucia who hadn’t moved yet.

Up above I got a little lucky when the 3 godfishers moved together around the fire and explosive barrel, with one shot from Buckshot the barrel exploded, took out one guy and another guys health down to half. The 2 remaining didn’t last long but more surprising is that my Razorback companion survived.

From the upper area there is a room down to the left with 2 loot spots. At the back of the camp is an exit to a lower area outside of the camps with 2 godfishers, one guy at a safe and the other, a miniature, walking back and forth. The guy at the safe only had 56 health so no surprise when he went down with one shot. Since the little guy was on the other side of the combat zone I just ended my turn so he’d come to me. To my surprise after moving that distance he still had one strike of AP left. Mcbane and Lucia finished the job. All that’s left to do is go down collect the loot and hack the safe.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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