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Wasteland 3 Lords Of War Bunker Lounge Cleared

Main level of the lounge

Hello everybody.

To enter the lounge undetected you’ll need 6 in the sneak department, you can of course break the door but that will cause combat to begin with you being on the defense, not the best way to start. There are 7 mercenaries and 1 sawdog so you are slightly outnumbered. There are 3 area’s that you can position your squad without being seen. Just inside the entrance there are 2 desks that you can use for cover, up to the left is and area the overlooks the lounge, and around to the right there’s another area but not much cover.

The area to the left is a good spot for your sniper and 2 others, the extra members were just to make sure that I got the one mercenary that was up there out when I initiated combat and as it turned out I needed Lucia to finish the job. The other 3 I positioned behind the desks that are just inside the entrance, Sparky behind one by herself and Kwon and Buckshot behind the other . I put the 3 squad members that were on the main floor into ambush and it turned out very well taking out one mercenary and doing enough damage to the other 2 that I was able to take them out when my turn came back around. The rest of the combat went really good with only Lucia going down twice but that’s because I left her in a bad position completely exposed. The main thing was my sniper up on the left, of the 3 shots he took, the first one was almost a one shot kill. The second shot was on the sawdog where he brought it’s health down to half so Buckshot and Mcbane finished it off, and the third was a one shot kill.

In the lounge on the upper area there is a cyber chicken that you can tame and bring to Ranger HQ, a letter from the Patriarchs aunt Ellen on the desk beside the chicken and a container by the book shelves. Down below on the main floor there’s a toaster that requires repair and besides the loot from the commando’s 1 booze box.

That’s it ,thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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