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Wasteland 3 Lords Of War Flooded Storage cleared

First Aid Skill Book

Hello everybody.

To enter flooded storage you’ll need 4 in the mechanics department to repair the generator that powers the door, although it is possible to break the door with a melee character without alerting the commando’s it’s a lot nicer to take care of them and not have to worry about them later.

As you arrive at the bottom of the stairs you’ll notice there are 5 poison frogs of one type or another, the strongest among them is the Glow Hopper that has a starting health of 2494. Continue to the left up the stairs and that will bring you to a raised platform with a safe and some crates with a skill book onto top of one. There’s another generator to be repaired this time a 6 in the mechanics department. This generator powers the door to the ventilation corridor. The Glow Hopper hops back and forth beside the generator but you’ll have time to repair it and climb the ladder into the corridor.

I split my squad into 2 groups, 3 in the corridor where they are out of range of the frogs and won’t sustain any damage and the other 3 I left on the landing at the top of the stairs. The way it worked out was 2 of the frogs started to make their way up the stairs and the other 3 stayed at the bottom of the corridor. From here all you have to do is work on the frogs at the bottom one at a time until they’re all taken care of. The 2 that went to the stairs only one made it to the top and after Mcbane’s attack it was left with 55 health when my turn ended and with one slim spit it put Sparky down with 336 damage. After that I think the game was glitching because I couldn’t give Sparky a health even though she had 3 ap left. By the time combat ended Sparky was dead and had to be revived with a nitro spike.

Once all the frogs are dead make a tour around the lower section of flooded storage and you’ll find a grenade box, a bunker pamphlet, and a weapon crate. Now back in the ventilation corridor, you can only go one way, there is a tripwire that has to be disabled before advancing to the end . As you approach the end of the corridor Ironclad Cordite will come into view. Talk to him and give him some shotgun shells, this will increase his chances of survival when you rescue him.

I noticed that I forgot to hack the safe so that will be in the next video.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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