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Wasteland 3 Lords Of War Hydroponics Section Cleared

Hidden entrance to the Old Survivalist Bunker

Hello everybody.

This quest is brought to your attention when you get a radio message from Angela Deth about a prisoner being held in Broadmoor Heights.

The entrance to the bunker is on the plaque for the Buchanan monument. As you interact with the plaque an option to stick something in the pinhole should appear. When you climb down the ladder the first area you encounter will be the Hydroponics bay. There are 4 mercenary Commando’s and 2 saw pups guarding the place. If you have 6 in the kiss department you can avoid this fight completely but it’ll cost you $ 400. I had the requirements met but I decided to take them out and save my money.

In a situation where there’s distance between you and your opponents I have found that most of the time it’s better to just put everyone into ambush after the initial shot gets combat started, that way it’s like getting a couple of free shots on them as they advance to your position. Also most of your opponents are now within range. The other thing to look for are explosive barrels that your opponents are close to, shooting them usually does quite a bit of damage to them. Besides the loot from the mercenaries there’s a pile of junk that includes a shrink ray and a tool box. That’s it, not too difficult and I’d say not worth paying $ 400.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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