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Wasteland 3 Lords Of War Rescuing Ironclad Cordite

Ironclad Cordite blowing the doors off his cell

Hello everybody.

Rescuing Ironclad Cordite is the main objective of the Lords Of War mission. The first thing to do is to talk to him through the vent in the ventilation corridor and give him some shotgun shells, without them he’ll be stuck in his cell and very likely die.

The makeshift jail is in the south wing of the bunker. Leaving the lounge through the east exit brings you into an intersection with hallways to the left and right. Beware of the bomb hopper, land mines and tripwires. The makeshift jail is down the right hallway. When you enter the jail and after you have your squad positioned where you want them have 1 member walk further into the jail until a cut scene is triggered where Ironclad shoots his cell door off and takes out one commando, combat will begin and you’ll be on the offensive. I left my sniper and melee guy to deal with the one commando that was outside the main area at the start of combat,after that everybody advanced to help Ironclad, if you have healing darts you could heal him if he starts to get low, nobody wants to complete the mission with Ironclad dead. In my case he took very little damage.

When combat is finished you’ll have a conversation with Ironclad after which you can add him to your squad, if you don’t he’ll just go to Ranger HQ. There are a couple of loot locations besides the loot form the commando’s, in the bathroom there’s a large container filled with armour and a medical crate, outside where the lone commando was is a drug stash.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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