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Wasteland 3 Machine Commune

Machine Commune Control Center

Hello everybody.

As you enter the commune there will be some loot on the left side of the plane. Talking nicely to Greet-o will help you when you talk to the main computer, talking to Sal will do the same thing. Once you reach the main area hang a right. After the doctor at the end ,beside the bathroom, you’ll find Tinker, he’s one of the synths that Gary Wolfe wants you to take out. You’ll want the battle to take place outside of the commune otherwise you’ll have to fight all of the machines if you attack Tinker in the commune.

On the other side of the double doors you’ll be met by Jimmy-6, I didn’t bother socializing and just moved on. The stairs to your left lead to some loot and a creepy doll, Electric Emmett that increases energy damage by 5% for your whole squad. By the time you get to the control center they’ll be ready to talk to you. Now a conversation happens where they assess your motives, offer to give you the transfer module, and warn you that transferring Reagan to a human will make you an accomplice to murder. I just answered ” no promises” and went on my way. On the other side of the main computer there’s a toaster to be repaired, not sure yet it was worth it. After that there’s stairs leading down to a few loot location. Watch out for trip wires and land mines as you explore for loot. The first area on the left has a better pistol and an animal whisperer skill book.

I returned to the main catwalk and attacked the Bile Bombers and Drools from there. This provides a choke point where you can move your squad out of the way to the left or right. After my initial shot I ended my turn so the beast would move into range. Be aware when taking out the Bile Bombers that you are not too close or you will be poisoned as they explode upon death. Make sure you explore everywhere to get all of the loot. You can get back to the main area by a door at the end of the catwalks. After fighting the beasts I was slightly beat up so I went to the doctor before I left the commune. On your way out you may get Party Pal as a companion if you decided to give Reagan to the machines, I did not. Now it’s time to head back and take on the synth.

When you fist arrive you’ll see 4 waste wolves surrounding a razorback beast, rescuing the Razorback beast will make it tamable, I left this to do till after I fought with the synth. Tinker will be set up with 2 turrets in the entrance to the godfisher camp where I first entered and shut off the wall of flames. I approached from the tunnel but you have to be careful not to go too far or combat will commence and you’ll be on the defense which is not where you want to be. I intended to use my new sniper rifle but I forgot that my old one was still equipped. I got lucky and did 767 damage so Tinker was out in one shot. Now there are 2 heavy cannon turrets to deal with, easier said than done. After my first round both turrets were still active and I had 4 of my squad out in the open. With 2 shots from the turrets 3 on my squad were down. With Mcbane taking out the first turret I ended my turn and a single shot took out 2 of my squad, again. In the end Mcbane comes through again. Collect the loot and you are done.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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