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Wasteland 3 Meeting With Angela Deth

The combat is about to begin

Hello everybody.

The meeting takes place at the Hoon residence which is east of Colorado Springs a short distance on the left. A rebel scout is waiting for you inside the Hoon residence and after he’s sure you came alone Angela Deth pops into view. As you listen to her spiel you’ll have the option to offer her some meds ( first aid 4 ) for her facial scars, she’ll say she’s got it under control and gives you 5 medic packs. The meeting is cut short when the Scar Collectors open fire so they have to be dealt with before the meeting can continue.

Combat begins with your squad inside the house. Outside there are about 11 Scar Collectors however your squad and Angela’s squad together will have them outnumbered. There wasn’t an opportunity to use ambush at the beginning so I had to move out into the yard. The front yard offers plenty of cover and the way the combat unfolded couldn’t have been better. My squad came out of it unscathed.

After combat Angela will ask for your help to take out the Patriarch and kill Liberty. At the end of the conversation you can either agree to help her or not. I just thanked her for the info and told her we were siding with the Patriarch. She accepts your decision and tells you where to find Liberty. The mission is updated, Yuma County is marked on your map and becomes discoverable.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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