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Wasteland 3 Met Sheriff Daisy And Dealt With Some Hooligans

Hooligans eliminated in Colorado Springs alley

Hello everybody.

You arrive in Colorado Springs just outside the sheriff’s station with the ”pillories” in front of you. The Dorsey gang members who were caught have been sentenced to death by freezing and are restrained on the platform. There is a mother in distress at the bottom of the stairs, when you talk to her you find out she is the mother Austin Pease who is sentenced to death for doing some vandalism for the Dorsey gang. Austin is waiting on the platform. When you talk to him he regrets what he did so I offered to help. Silas Watkins the Magistrate is standing at the bottom of the stairs and when you talk to him about Austin he stands by his decision but is willing to hear your argument so I’ll wait till I can level up Kwon because he has the kiss ass skill needed to argue a case. alternatively you could pay a fine but there’s no reason why this can’t wait till later.

Inside the sheriff’s station on the left, the last room on the left has some health and another room that requires lock picking 4.

Sheriff Daisy is at the other end of the station, she’ll ask you to free the hostages in the garden of the gods that the Dorsey’s are holding and she insists that you take miss Wesson with you. This is your last companion for now and you won’t be able to enter the garden without her. Instead of going to the garden though I took care of some hooligan’s. The first group is in a clothing shop on the way to the market square, so offer to help poor Josiah before, as his wife says, he gets himself killed.

There is a dialogue option available that will cause the Dorsey thugs to leave, however if you fight them you’ll get some loot from them. There are 3 of them in the shop so I position my squad as close as I could and initiated combat with my sniper, this took out one of them leaving 2. The next thug is taking cover behind the corner and marshal Kwon had a 38% chance so I moved him a little closer and I said it went up but it actually went down slightly. Sparky had a 5% chance so I shouldn’t have taken the shot because all of them missed. I was able to move Buckshot and Lucia and still take a shot and McBane finished him off. The last thug is at the back of the shop and out of range of everybody but he moves up to take a shot which brings him into range and Buckshot took 2 shots and Sparky finished the job. The safe beside the medical box requires lock picking 5 and I missed an ammo box along the right wall by the shirt rack. So there is 1 medical box, 1 container and 1 ammo box in the shop. Exit the shop and talk to Josiah, he’ll tell you about Doc Parker who set up a clinic in the Arapaho garage and pay you $57.

Continuing on go up the stairs and down the street on the right. This is where the second group of hooligans are. Approach slowly and get your squad as close as possible otherwise you’ll be spending your action points moving instead of shooting. Once again I initiated combat with my sniper and took out the leader with one shot. The rest of the fight went very well with Lucia taking out 2 in one turn and my sniper got another one shot kill.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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