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Wasteland 3 Nightmare In The Bizarre

Collecting reward from Flab The Inhaler

Hello everybody.

The only area’s left to be cleared in the Warrens are the playground and the chapel. The playground is located at the end of the hall coming from the computer room. The entrance is narrow with only a couple of places to take cover. This group has1 payaso with a riffle, 3 flamethrowers, and 3 dynamited pigs. I used a turret to help fight the payaso’s with the flamethrowers. The turrets also attract enemy fire instead of firing on your squad. The loot from the payaso’s include the limerick sheet required to enter the chapel and there’s also a medical box in the far left corner, avoid the merry go-round because it will damage you if you get hit. Next is the chapel.

The chapel is located down the hallway on the left as you enter the prison block. The only way in as far as I know is to collect all of the limerick sheets fill in the lines on the computer. There are about 8 or so payasos, 2 of whom have flamethowers. The leader is a brawler who does huge damage. The chapel has plenty of cover and stairways on both sides up to an elevated section overlooking the chapel area below. My strategy was to get my sniper on the elevated section and the rest of my squad spread out behind cover. I initiated combat with Sparky and a rocket. I used turrets, the 3rd was unnecessary, but it did keep the flamethrowers busy. The leader Ditso Gogo took a lot before he was down. In the end the turrets did a lot of work. There was a lot of loot as well as a safe in a room upstairs. There is a perk that increases damage that your deployed weapons do that’s worth getting if you’re going to use turrets and I don’t know why you wouldn’t.

Back upstairs Flab will pay $759 and give you The Drill Sergent’s Phrase Book. You will also get a 20% discount now at the bizarre.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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