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Wasteland 3 Promises Made Promises Kept Complete and Game Ending

Market Square Colorado Springs

Hello everybody.

This is the last video of Wasteland 3. From Pillory Square make your way to the museum, once you reach the market square level it will be the last building on your left. Inside the museum on your left is a pressure plate, when one of your squad members stands on it a switch on the north wall will be revealed, now have another member active the switch and a security door will open in the room on the east side of the museum leading to the last computer. When you access it you’ll have 3 choices, all of them will work but if you rip out the wires Ol’ Baldy, the electronic bird in the middle of the museum, will be destroyed

The door to market square can now be opened, when you exit the museum a short cut scene will play while the kodiak comes up into the square. When the conversation between the Patriarch, Angela, and you is over combat will begin but, if you have hard ass 10 and you chose this option all combat will avoided, Angela surrenders, the Patriarch will emerge from the museum and the game will end.

I had enough skill points to invest in hard ass but I chose not to use it and decided to fight instead.

A note about turrets and other equipment that can be deployed. When you deploy turrets etc. you give the enemy another target to shoot at so that means your squad will be targeted slightly less. I used slicer dicer self asemblers and laser turrets, they both worked good but I think the turrets were slightly better.

When combat starts you’ll be on the offensive up against the ranger transport and 10 rangers including Angela Deth . All of them have very high health with the breachers at around 1200, Brother Thomas at 1877, the ranger transport at 5413, and Angela at a whopping 7233 . To prepare for battle I had my first aid member Buck Shot deploy 2 first aid stations right away and 1 later , these stations will heal you, your friends, the Kodiak and any bots you might have. I also had enough skill points left over to give McBane mechanics 7 so he could deploy the slicer dicer self assemblers. This freed Simo to repair the Kodiak when needed. I initiated combat with my sniper and got a one shot kill on one of Angie’s Breachers who was positioned along the south wall. With the 2 Slice Dicers deployed I put the rest of my squad into ambush, when my turn ended the first aid stations topped up everybody’s health.

All of the Ranger do a lot of damage but there are 2 you should focus on, first Brother Thomas, he’s closer and he uses a rocket launcher and Angela Deth . After their turn the Kodiak was in bad shape and I had to use Simo to repair it but since McBane had mechanics 7 he could deploy some laser turrets, the only thing is they land shorter than you think. I kept most of my squad behind the Kodiak for the majority of combat, moving out to take a shot but saving enough AP to get back. The Kodiak did very light damage and was more useful as cover. Eventually Angela will move into range, when she did in this video she took out a first aid station, Lucia and brought Immaculate, one of the Patriarch’s security personnel, down to about 10% health. By the time Angela moved up she only had about half of her health left. I was finished deploying equipment with McBane so he had full AP to attack Angela,when he was finished she was down to 855. It was Sparky who finally took her out. With Angela out of action, the remaining breachers outnumbered and the ranger transport in range victory wasn’t far off. In the end it was my Russian security bot that took out the last breacher to end combat.

After combat the Patriarch will emerge from the museum and tell you that you’ve earned the reward that he promised the general and that the trucks are on their way. The last thing you have to do before the end of the game starts is to decide whether to return to Arizona or stay with the Patriarch. The ending will change according to your choice. I chose to stay with the Patriarch. Now the story will be told in the form of a song of what became of the factions and characters in the game.

My impressions of the game.

Some of the themes in the game are in bad taste, slavery and cannibalism so I didn’t do those missions. In the begging it seemed that my squad was very under powered but as I got progressed that turned around to where it was more evenly matched.

As for having enough money, there was a glitch in the game where you could get many times the worth of your scrap and end up with close to $100 000 if you had the antiques appraiser perk. This glitch was patched when I did my play through but as it turned out I didn’t need it. If you just collect all of the loot consistently and sell the scrap and any excess guns and armour you’ll have more than enough money. I ended the game with $40 000. I found it very helpful to have the Razorback beast, the Russian security bot and toaster. I probably could’ve made it a lot easier if I had used turrets etc. more. In the last battle Sparky had nukes that I didn’t use and that’s the trade off with friendlies, they do get in the way of some types of weapon attacks, but I’d rather have friendlies than not. All in all for me it was a learning curve having not played this type of game before, but as the game went on I became more comfortable with it.

That’s it.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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