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Wasteland 3 Promises Made Promises Kept part 1

Greatski waiting for your arrival

Hello everybody.

As you arrive at Ranger HQ Sergei Greatski will be outside waiting to talk to you. He’ll bring you up to speed with what’s going on. There’s been a split with the recruits, some of them stayed loyal to the Patriarch and some of them sided with Angela Deth. You have to get to Colorado Springs to help the Patriarch but the main gate is blocked. Sergei has another way to get the Kodiak there ,the vehicle evacuation tunnel, to use the tunnel you have to access the computer in the war room. To get into the war room you’ll have to access the computers in the garage, armoury, and brig and cancel the alert, once all 3 have been cancel the war room will be accessible. You’ll have an opportunity to manage your squad before you get started on retaking Ranger HQ. I didn’t see any reason to change.

There are groups of traitor rangers in the garage, outside the main entrance, in front of the war room, and inside the war room. I started with the group outside, I’m not sure if you have to take them out but I didn’t want them to become involved in the combat when I take out the group inside in front of the war room.

There’s a total of 9 traitor rangers to deal with, outnumbering your squad but that’s offset by the friendly’s that are on your side.The group outside were already engaged with the loyal rangers so I just set up my squad on the southwest corner of the garage. From this position there are 2 traitor rangers in range. I initiated combat with Lucia and took out the first ranger and Kwon and McBane took out the other one. I then used the ambush option and didn’t advance until there were only 3 left. The 3rd was taken out by my sniper and the last 2 were taken out mostly by my friendly’s.

As for loot, there’s a medical crate and ammo box to the right of the main entrance. Some buried loot to the left of the main entrance and in the southwest corner by the chicken enclosure.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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