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Wasteland 3 Promises Made Promises Kept part 2

Clearing the garage

Hello everybody.

Before you enter the garage there is a loot container to the left, so there’s an opportunity to gain some XP disarming the 2 traps that are guarding it.

Note. When I was about to make this video I started the game and got a critical update message. So I did the update and proceeded to clear the garage and the game would crash. The fix was given to me by the inXile support staff. I had to uninstall the game, restart my pc, reinstall to my main hard drive. I had uninstalled it before but I didn’t restart my pc and when I reinstalled it I installed it in one of my other hard drives.

There are 8 traitor rangers to deal with. From the positions behind cover at the front of the garage there are 2 rangers that are in range so I initiated combat with Simo and got a one shot kill on PVT. Hourcade who was stationed by the hoist, then I had McBane and Lucia take out PVT Mendieta. After that I used the ambush option and let them advance. When they advanced Simo went down but the rest of my squad was still in good shape. It was now the friendly turn and they damaged just about every traitor ranger and in the end it was the friendlies that took out the last ranger.

The loot bag that I missed was just outside the garage door but there isn’t a lot in them anyway so no big deal. There is an ammo box and a level 7 locker beside the computer. Access the computer and cancel the alert. One of the other computers that has to be accessed is in the armoury, there’s also a couple of ammo boxes, a weapon crate and an amour crate. The weapon crate contains a level 21 weapon and the armour crate contains a level 24 piece of armour. All that’s left is to access the computer and cancel the alert. That leaves one alert to cancel in the brig.

Thanks for watching , God Bless and happy gaming

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