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Wasteland 3 Promises Made Promises Kept part 3

Friendly attacking traitor ranger in the cafeteria

Hello everybody.

In front of the war room entrance there is a group of 7 traitor rangers. There is plenty of cover and the stairs is an excellent place for your sniper. You can also open the roll up door making room for you to take cover behind 2 sand bag piles. I initiated combat with my sniper and used ambush to start but had to eventually advance into the cafeteria because there’s one traitor ranger that maintains position in there. In this case because I opened the roll up door the combat spilled over into the front yard. I was able to do this because I cleared the front yard first eliminating the prospect of fighting on 2 fronts. Even though the traitor rangers get a lot of one shot kills you will prevail because you have so much help form your friends.

As for loot in the cafeteria, there’s a toaster to repair on the bar, a medical crate and an ammo box near the south stairs. Beware the tripwire across the opening to the stairs. The way to the brig is now clear and it’s just a matter of accessing the computer and cancelling the alert. There is some loot in the other rooms but at this late stage of the game you really don’t need it.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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