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Wasteland 3 Promises Made Promises Kept The War Room

war room computer

Hello everybody.

The computer that you have access to get the vehicle evacuation tunnel open is in the war room. There are 10 traitor rangers to deal with but you’ll have help form 3 war room staff so that evens the odds. When you enter the war room there’s only one desk on the right that offers any cover. I put Simo there and the rest of my squad in the open just inside the door. When PVT. Weits , who is by the desk on the left, is taken out a little more cover becomes available. I stayed around the 3 desks at the front of the war room for most of the combat. I should’ve deployed more first aid stations one around each desk to cover a bigger area. These first aid station are great, the healing stats are 25% for 3 turns but I think they are stack-able so if you had 3 for instance they would heal 75%, they will also heal the kodiak and any friendlies that are within range. I eventually had to advance around both side of the war room to get them all.

Another strategy would be to position your squad on the left side of the war room, there is a bigger area and 2 desks to take cover behind. You’ll have to bring your squad over to that side one by one through the detection circles, I did it with my whole squad most of whom have no points in sneak. The first thing I did was deploy 3 first aid stations along the left side. This side is also where 2 of the war room staff are and Gideon Rayes sometimes throws a healing dart at one of your squad members. Whichever way you decide to do it you’ll still have some of your squad taken out with one shot from the traitor rangers.

When the combat is over access the computer in the middle of the war room, when you try to access the vehicle evacuation tunnel menu you’ll get an error that the elevator override is in effect. Grestski tells you that there is a secret room in the museum in downtown Colorado Springs so that’s where you’ll have to go to cancel the override.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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