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Wasteland 3 Quarex’s Hellacious Journey

Quarex in the Warrens

Hello everybody.

This quest becomes available when you side with Charlie in the Very Hostile Takeover quest.

Quarex is hiding in the Warrens so make your way down there, once you get to the prison block go straight to the end and hang a left around the end of the building, he’ll be in the dead end. The task is to find Quarex’s vintage game collection. The bullies he’s talking about are 4 razor back beasts.

The beasts are located in the parking lot of the Warrens, so back track to the prison block and take the hallway on the right. The entrance to the parking lot has a few places to take cover behind but it’s fairly narrow so you can’t get everyone involve right away. This battle is not very difficult but you will have at least one squad member that’s going to be poisoned so you’ll need some antidote to cure the poisoning . My melee character actually took out half of the beasts. Grab the game console that’s on the ground just in front of the light poll with the individual tied to it and head back to Quarex. You’ll have a choice to either just accept the reward or let him move into the Ranger HQ. You’ll earn $ 285 and receive some tactical goggles which increases your crit damage by .2%

Head back to HQ and talk to Quarex who is in the museum and you’ll learn the Game Master perk which gives every member of your squad +2 critical chance.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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