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Wasteland 3 Raising A Little Hell Guest Suites

Creepy doll for your melee character

Hello everybody

The last three hostages are located in the guest suits. The guest suits are just down the hall on the right from the entrance to the basement or just before the poison sprays.

There is one breather that’s walking back and forth that you can’t see so I used Simo to gauge when it was safe to enter the room. As soon as the detection indicator stopped appearing I brought my whole squad inside. When I entered Simo ended up inside the poison bomb hoppers detection circle so I had to be fast to get the first shot in. Luckily it took out the poison bomb hopper to start combat. Now all of the breathers were at the far end of the room, along with the other poison bomb hopper so once again I took advantage of the ambush option .Only the bomb hopper advanced which was taken out by Sparky and then it was my turn again. Since the breathers were all out of range I did another round of ambush and let then come to me. This brought almost everybody into range so it didn’t much to finish them off but not before most of my squad got poisoned.

Inside the common area there’s an ammo box and a medical crate. In the second suit to the left of the cage is a duffel bag that contains ”Ferocious Francesca” a creepy doll that grants all squad members +5 % melee damage. Inside the cage is Rook who is unconscious but a little first aid wakes him up. At first he doesn’t seem all that grateful to be rescued, but he eventually comes around. He was the third hostage.

In the first suit are Violet and Paris Reed standing on pressure plates wired to 2 explosive barrels. The only way that I found to save them both is to disable the power, and to do that you’ll need mechanics 8. These were the last hostages to be rescued.

To turn off the poison sprays in the hallway have one squad member stand on the pressure plate in the common area, this will turn off the sprays allowing another squad member to go into the hallway and flip the switch on the generator. When the switch on the generator is flipped the sprays will start again, to shut them of permanently move the squad member in the common area off of the pressure plate, now the way is open to where Vic is holed up.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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