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Wasteland 3 Raising A Little Hell Resort Cold Storage

Breathers guarding the hostage in the cooler

Hello everybody.

This video starts off by talking to Ash who is just down the hall on your left. He is manning a kill switch that will kill all 5 hostages. You just have to talk to him and don’t try to break in or all of the hostages will be killed.

When you’re done with Ash make your way to the Lab. The halls are patrolled by gas and bomb hoppers so carefully take them out. At the end of the first hall there is a picture above the fireplace that’s a mission critical item. The lab is down the left hallway and the first door on the left.

When you enter the lab you’ll be greeted by The Gift. I don’t recommend fighting this group because if you do you’ll kill the doctor and although he’s 4 x as expensive he can heal you and has some supplies. The dialogue options that I took were all non confrontational and I used mechanics 7 and explosives 8 to look at the wheel chair and disarm the bomb, after that I said I needed to talk to Vic, then I selected the kiss 8 option and that convinces her to release Pizepi and promises not to interfere when we’re dealing with Vic.

If you want to use the picture from the hallway use the following dialogue options:

  1. Ask if the Rangers are ok?
  2. we don’t know enough yet to trust you, but we can talk
  3. show the family picture
  4. whisper do you need help to escape?
  5. we need to talk about Victory Buchanan
  6. you know we mean you no harm. Let us take care of Victory and we’ll let you be.

This will accomplish the same thing. Before you leave the lab collect the loot that’s in the 2 corners on the left side of the room and visit the doctor if you need healing, medical supplies or ammo.

When you’re ready to continue talk to Pizepi in the hallway and she’ll tell you all you need to know about the hostages.

The location of the first hostage is cold storage which is just down the hall on your left. As soon as you enter the camera goes right to the back of the room where you can’t see anything but darkness so I cut that part out of the video, so in case you were wondering you didn’t miss anything.

There are 3 breathers guarding the freezer door. I positioned my squad on each side of the first counter, initiated combat with my sniper and put everybody else into ambush and waited as they advanced. My ambush shots took out 1 breather and reduced another breather to just a sliver of health. The boss of these 2 , Gertrude The Gruesome, has high health and it took a lot to take her out.

With combat over collect all the loot which will include a freezer key. The medical box in the corner has an anabolic injector that gives you +1 action points. In the other corner there’s an ammo box. When you open the freezer door La Loca will run out but if you look inside the freezer you’ll find a level 7 container that held a bottle of Snake Squeezins , it could be something else because it’s not always the same.

The only thing left to do is to talk to La Loca.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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