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Wasteland 3 Raising A Little Hell Resort Lobby

Breathers in the Resort lobby

Hello everybody.

Before you go up to the resort loot everything in the entrance then when you’re ready flip the switch and turn on the power to the computer and travel to the summit. Outside the resort Hardee Knox needs rescuing, after you free him he’ll give you an idea of what lies ahead.

As you enter the lounge Vic comes on the radio, warns his breathers and combat begins, you’ll be on the offensive. This is another situation where ambush will be very powerful. After I took my first shot I laid down some smoke and set the rest of my squad into ambush. As the breathers moved closer I didn’t take any of them down but I did a lot of damage to a few of them. I really like this option because it gives you free shots before it’s your turn. Other than being poisoned I didn’t take much damage at all. After the combat there’s loot to be collected, besides the breathers there’s one ammo box and one booze box.

Next go talk to Riley Woodson, during your conversation you’ll learn that his feet have been nailed to the floor. If you have first aid 6 you’ll be able to remove the nails, treat and bandage his feet without pain. Once the nails are removed Riley will tell you that Vic has taken hostages and they have to be rescued before you take on Vic.

A note on the door to the left of the bar. There is a vault in the center of the facility that requires lock picking 10, inside the vault is a gold plated hammer. The handle of this hammer is the key to open the door, inside is the Patriarchs prototype hammer a level 22 Blunt Weapon. It’s comparable to the level 21 chainsaw sword that my melee character currently has. I Don’t know yet if it’s better because it’s a 4 AP weapon and the chainsaw sword is a 3 AP weapon.

Thanks for watching, God bless and happy gaming

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