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Wasteland 3 Raising A Little Hell Sauna Pool Area

Nox bomber shooting at close range

Hello everybody.

The next hostage is in the pool/sauna part of the facility. Before I took on the breathers I went around the halls to collect loot. The first place I went was the basement which is to the right of the fireplace. There is one container, one level 9 safe, and one level 7 locker. The locker has some antidote and a letter written by Llewellyn. If you have first aid 7 you can help him feel better. The key that he swallowed opens the vault. There’s two ways to get in, either lock picking 10 or kill Llewellyn and loot his body. The next place was the vault.

The vault is in the center of the facility. I had lock picking 10 so Llewellyn lives to see another day. In the middle of the vault is a display case that contains a gold platted hammer. If you pause the video where you can read the description you will discover that the hammer is a key, so the door that it opens is the door to the right of the bar in the lounge. I covered this in a previous post but I’ll say it again, the room holds the Patriarchs prototype hammer. As for the other loot there’s a little bit of everything from ammo to weapons and a barter +1 necklace.

The pool/sauna is just down the hall from cold storage, however there is a tripwire across the hallway that needs to be disarmed. It doesn’t show in this video because I already disarmed it before.

The left corner of the pool/sauna can be used to stage some of your squad without being detected. Sparky was out a little too far and was in danger of being detected so I had to hurry and take my shot with Simo. Combat didn’t start like I wanted but it still went OK and the use of ambush helped a lot. The fumers and nox bomber are the biggest threats.

The hostage is locked in the sauna and you’ll need nerd 7 to shut down the experiment. When the experiment shuts down the door will open and Estin Ward ,the second hostage, will run out. At the back of the pool/sauna complex is the maintenance room, inside you’ll find an ammo box, a level 7 container and nerd 8 computer that will drain the pool. Draining the pool allows you to climb down into it and collect the loot from the corpses. Before you move on survey along all the walls for loot, there is one box on the bench that I didn’t get.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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