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Wasteland 3 Ranger HQ to Denver ruins

Reagan Weapon Outside Of The Western White House

Hello everybody.

This is just a short video showing how I got to The Denver Ruins from Ranger HQ. The first thing to do is head into the garage and load into the Kodiak and travel onto the world map. The route that I took is I turned left when I arrived at the road and started to travel towards Denver.Along the way, at any point, you might be ambushed, there’s always a slight chance that you can escape but more than likely you’ll have to fight your way out. The ambush that you will definitely run into is when you meet Liberty Buchanan. I didn’t engage her at this time and just answered her questions and went on my way. When you reappear on the road you’ll be facing the wrong way, so turn around and just stay on the main drag and Denver will show up on your right. Upon entering you will witness a trial presided over by the massive Reagan statue/ stationary robot weapon. After the bizarre trial you are invited to have an audience with Ronnie inside the White House.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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