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Wasteland 3 Reagan Reborn quest conclusion

Sacred Sever Room

Hello everybody.

This quest is completed by going to the server room and talking to Nancy and Ronnie. There are several dialogue options but they all lead to the point where you have to decide if you are going to give them the module or attack. If you hand over the module you’ll have 3 choices.

1. Transfer Reagan to Valor, if you do this Reagan will take over Valor’s body and Valor will cease to exist, you’ll get some cash, rockets, Reagan’s Gaze weapon but I imagine the Patriarch won’t be very happy.

2. Transfer Reagan to the Machine Commune, if you do this you’ll have to fight Nancy and the patriots that are in the room. There are also 4 turrets and with you being in the open when combat begins your in for an uphill battle. The reward from the Machines is the Party Pal robot.

3. Transfer Reagan to Ranger HQ, if you do this you’ll be able to leave without a fight and you can arrest Valor and have him picked up and brought the HQ jail. The Machine Commune will be furious with you and you won’t be able to use their merchants any more although I think the doctor will still serve you. At this point in the game I don’t see any reason to return to the Machine Commune. I already went through it prior to this.

I transferred Ronnie to Ranger HQ and arrested Valor so all that was left to do was to travel to Broadmoor heights and update the Patriarch on Valor. As soon as you appear outside of the Denver Ruins Angela Deth will contact you on the radio, she’s not a friend of the Patriarch and would’ve preferred that you killed Valor and the rest of the Patriarchs kids. You don’t have to agree to anything at this point and with that the conversation will end and you can be on your way. I was on my way to HQ when I was ambushed by some Dorseys. If this happens to you, you’ll have a few options. You can try to avoid them, sometimes this works and you can just continue traveling. You can attack, combat will begin, it will be your turn but you’ll all be in one group. Stealth attack is the best option if you’re going to fight, you’ll have a chance to position your squad before initiating combat.

In this combat the Kodiak will be available. Along with the Dorseys are some Razorback Beasts. There’s actually more beast than Dorseys. Not a hard battle and besides the loot you get from the Razorbacks and Dorseys there’s usually a chest, in this case it was filled with ammo and health items. Since the combat with the Dorseys took half of the video I ended it there and made another one to finish the Zealot mission.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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