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Wasteland 3 Sans Luxe Apartments

Entrance to the apartments

Hello everybody.

This quest requires lock picking, sneak, weird science and nerd stuff. If you don’t have sneak 4 to disable the trip wire just inside the door for the turret then your chances of success are very slim because as soon as you trip the wire combat begins. The clones have shrink bombs that they can through over the wall into the hallway, so I would wait until I had all of the non combat skills required before doing this quest.

To do just the quest you’ll need lock picking 5 to open the apartment door or you can break it down. The best way to break it down is with a melee character, you’ll have to select attack every time you hit the door, the other way is to shoot it but that uses ammo.

Once inside there’s a trip wire that requires sneak 4 to disable. The cloning machine is in the far right corner that requires weird science 3 and nerd stuff 4 so paying attention to the red circles around the clones bring your respective characters to the machine. Hacking the machine destabilizes the clones and they disappear. Now you can bring the rest of your squad in to collect the loot and do the experiment.

To get the evidence from the computer you have to have one member on each of the platforms and a third member operating the computer. One of you members will become contaminated so a visit to the Doc will cure that.

Next on the list is to locate Irv. He is in the main square by the book vendor and doesn’t show up on your mini map until you are in the main square. You now have a conversation with Irv, in the end I chose to bring him to HQ. You can use him later in the game.

If you want all of the loot then you’ll need mechanics 5 to repair the generator in the second room on the right from the entrance, that opens the door to a cyber chicken, an armour crate and a weapon crate that is lock picking 2.

The apartment next to this one has nothing but a foul mouth schmuck.

The first apartment on the left in the hall requires lock picking 4, or you can break it down. Inside is a mysterious character that is speaking techno babble and offers you some kind of case.

The next room on the left is lock picking 3 or break it down. Inside there’s a booze box.

The last room on the left has a broken toaster and a loot container.

After you talk to Irv go talk to Rosy and that will bring the quest to an end, This one pays $ 150.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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