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Wasteland 3 Scar Collector Battle At HQ

Scar collectors calling us out

Hello everybody

After you deal with Vic Buchanan and are on your way back to Boardmoor heights to talk to the Patriarch you’ll get a radio message from Ranger HQ that there is a Desert Ranger, part of Angels Deth’s advance team, there with an important message.

The meeting will take place in the War Room. As you make your way there you should be met by a messenger from Gwendolyn Reed just outside the front entrance with a reward for freeing the hostages in the amount of $ 285. As you enter the war room Sergei will have a delivery from Bulb if you did the War Of The Worlds mission. I received $ 570 but if might be more if you get lucky. Connie Zeng, Angela Deths representative, is standing in front of a desk on the right side of the war room. She’ll tell you that Angela wants to meet you at the Hoon residence to talk about Liberty but the conversation gets interrupted at end when the Scar Collectors attack. You could go out the front entrance or the garage entrance, I think you’d be better off to go out the front there is more cover and more Scar Collectors. Either way you should be able to defeat them without too much trouble. With all of the recruits, the Kodiak, the turrets, and your squad I think they are out number . If you have medical darts you could help the ranger recruits stay alive, I know I lost at least one. The only thing you’ll get for defeating the Scar Collectors is their loot.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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