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Wasteland 3 Sister’s Keeper

Moss of the Hundred Families

Hello everybody.

This side mission becomes available via radio message when you are exploring the wasteland south of the Denver Ruins, so starting from the Denver Ruins follow the highway until it ends turn south and go along the tree line looking for a hidden structure on your left, a short distance before this is a box of loot with $486. To get the most out of the hidden structure you’ll need either survival 5 or first aid 5 and lock picking 4 or mechanics 4. The loot inside includes an Army flame thrower and several kinds of ammo.

As you leave the structure and continue south the radio call will come in with the details of the 2 sisters being pursued by bandits. HQ provides the coordinates but in my case I didn’t need them because I was already on top of the ghost town, where the mission takes place, when the radio call came in.

In the first part of the ghost town you’ll have to take on 10 mercenaries, 2 of which have flame throwers. The Kodiak will be available for this combat and to increase your chances of surviving take advantage of the cover on the left, that’s the only close cover that you can position some of your squad behind. There is a concrete barrier on the right but I wouldn’t advance too far at first. My strategy was to initiate combat with my sniper and put the rest of my squad and the Kodiak into ambush mode. Most of the time I put the Kodiak into prepare after it’s turns, this gives me 2 shots on it’s next turn. I focused on the flame throwers first. When the mercenaries advance the 2 flame throwers along with 2 others were all together and stopped right in front of Sparky and Buckshot. The Kodiak and Sparky took out one of the flamethrowers and there was a good chance that Buckshot would’ve taken out the other one but for some reason I couldn’t shoot so I had to move McBane up to finish him off. With the flamethrowers out of the fight the remaining combat went extremely well, Sparky had a torrent strike that took out 2 of the last 4 mercenaries so the last 2 were easily taken out, one of which was taken out by the Kodiak and the other with a torrent strike from Buckshot. In this first area there is one buried loot location, an ammo box, and a drug stash.

As you move close to the sisters a conversation will be initiated where they tell you why they are being pursued, the conversation is interrupted by Moss on the radio, he and his squad are armed and have taken up a position outside. You now have 2 choices 1 negotiate on the sister behalf or 2 fight Moss and associates. To get the most from the mission you have to negotiate. Before moving on repair the toaster and loot the medical crate.

Advance toward Moss until the conversation starts, to arrive at the happy ending for both parties you have to offer to pay their debt off. Their debt is a staggering $10 000 and even with a 6 in the kiss department it’s still $ 5000, luckily there’s another option, so select ”lets talk about other options ”. Hopefully you have a 7 in the kiss department so you can offer a compromise and have the girls pay back the debt in installments. This option is agreeable to both parties, your fame increases with both and your reputation increase +5 with the Hundred families.

Moss Cogan also pays you $570 and the girls pay you $13. There is a medical crate, 2 ammo boxes, weapon crate and a safe.The safe requires lock picking 8 and this time it had the Death Lance a level 17 sniper riffle along with the other loot. The contents of this safe changes, the other time I did it I got the Street Cleaner a level 17 shotgun. The weapon crate however had the same level 13 melee weapon in it.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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