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Wasteland 3 Start To The Denver Ruins

Nancy and Ronnie

Hello everybody.

As you head into the White House and go up either side of the staircase and down the other side the sacred server room will be in the center of the house behind double doors. Enter by talking into the intercom. There are several dialogue options when talking to Ronnie and then Nancy. When the talking is over you’ll end up with the quest Reagan Reborn with the objective to go to the machine commune and retrieve the Cybernetics Transfer Module.

There are several loot boxes around the house, the first is in the same room as Nancy and Ronnie in the right corner. As I left the sacred server room I went up to the right and then into the room that’s behind the locked door, lock picking 4 required. In this room is a container with a creepy doll that grants your squad members +5% damage vs animals. Exiting that room and going around in a clock wise motion you’ll first meet the doctor, then on the other side of the house a couple of rooms. The first room has a locker but you can’t get in there without starting a fight, the next room has a container that you can open. At the end there will be a bathroom on your left and the arms merchant on your right.

In the room where the arms merchant is is a toaster to be repaired. When you’re talking to this Nancy say ”Have to say you do some fine work here” to her, hopefully you have either nerd 5 or weapon modding 5 and you’ll get the Neutron Projector, best sniper rifle so far. The trade off for me was it requires 7 AP to fire but so far I’ve got a lot of 1 shot kills. Definitely worth the points in nerd or weapon modding.

Head back outside, the Nancy that you first met will call you over, talking to her will get the Let’s Go Fry A Kite quest started, this involves clearing the 3 godfisher camps.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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  1. w3player July 11, 2022

    Not sure how the game was before the latest patch (Oct 2021), but as of the latest patch, the gift you receive from Nancy Forge depends on which dialog option you choose:
    (1) Nerd Stuff (Level 4) – she gives you the Neutron Projector sniper rifle
    (2) Weapon Mod (Level 5) – she gives you a skill book (Armor Modding)

    For most players, the Neutron Projector is the better choice.

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