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Wasteland 3 Surveying The HQ Base

Fighting a malfunctioning battle bot

Hello everybody.

Surveying the base provides ammo, armour, weapons, mods and assorted loot. I started in the war room to get the armour and ammo. There are dogs outside that you can use as companions if you have animal whisperer, and as I was writing this post I noticed that I missed some loot right next to the fence where I tamed the k9, in this loot there is an armour mod that gives you 10% healing so I will get it the next time I’m at the base.

There is more armour in the building next to the road so I’m equipping my squad as I go.

On the other side of the road, past the garage entrance, there’s another building. This one has 2 loot locations that include 1 weapon mod.

In the garage is a broken battle bot and an individual lying on the floor. I positioned my squad behind cover before I repaired the robot, because when you do combat will begin. This fight went really well and I didn’t take any damage. The bot has some loot which includes a slicer dicer self assemble that you can use later in the game when your mechanic skill is 7, and a pulse gun with ammo that Kwon can use. In the truck boxes is a repair kit and assorted loot.

The armory is across the hall with some loot, be aware of the trip wire as you enter. Next to that is the medical bay. There is 1 body that has loot the rest you can examine to get ep points.

On the other side of the base the first door on the right is the cafeteria with a toaster to be repaired. The first door on the left has 2 razorback beasts with attacks that include poison spitting. It’s difficult to position your squad close enough without being seen, so with the sniper up on the mezzanine I started combat. The first shot took out one of the beasts. The other beast couldn’t have been father away but I was just close enough to be able to my Sparky and Buckshot and still take a shot and McBane was right on the limit but he dealt the killing blow. There are several loot locations in this room with money, ammo and junk.

The next room on the left has a group of refugees in it so you can either kick them out or let them stay. There is one box of loot and a makeover machine if you want to change the look of your character.

The room at the end is the brig with a lone prisoner, a computer module and the body of a deceased refugee on the floor. As for loot there some mushrooms and a little junk. Now you can ask the prisoner a bunch of questions, in the end you’ll have the option to free him or not. I freed him.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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