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Wasteland 3 Taking Out Payasos On The Way To Yuma County

Hello everybody.

Before you enter Yuma County make sure you are stocked up on medical supplies, the medic there doesn’t sell supplies he only heals you.

As you get close to Yuma County The Mechanic will contact you on the radio, he’ll be your man for info and supplies. Just before I reached the travel point for Yuma County I was ambushed by a group of clowns. This group consisted of 2 Hot Dogs, 1 flame throwing clown, and 1 clown car. The clown car did the most damage but there wasn’t anyone hiding in the back like there was at the clown museum. The 2 Hot Dog’s were taken out with my ambush shots which left just the flame throwing clown and the clown car. McBane did the most damage to the clown car while the rest of the squad took out the flame throwing clown. These hostile encounters are pretty much a break even enterprise as far as the loot that’s available after combat.

Back on the road the travel point is south east of the massacre site at the gas station . When you arrive at the Yuma County Speedway the mechanic will have the Kodiak towed into his shop. A conversation with the mechanic will ensue where you can get all the info needed to deal with the gangs and finally Liberty.

As for loot in the garage there’s a medical crate up by the mechanic and a couple of ammo boxes to the left of the level 8 roll up door. Behind the roll up door is a level 10 safe that contains the Plasma Hammer a level 21 blunt weapon, a booze box, an armour crate that had some level 24 armour, and a weapon crate with a level 21 SMG.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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