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Wasteland 3 The Bizarre Begining of the Warrens

The entrance to the Bizarre

Hello everybody.

From the starting point in Colorado the Bizarre is pretty much directly south, so follow the Bizarre indicator until you reach a bridge with fires on each side marking the entrance. The Bizarre is just on the other side and to the east slightly. You may or may not run into an ambush, it’s hard to foresee.

Once you exit the Kodiak you’ll over hear a conversion between Ananda and an unsatisfied customer. Ananda is your merchant on the outside of the Bizarre. To get into the Bizarre you’ll need a pass. To the right of the Bizarre is an area where Ananda and other people of interest are. To the left as you enter the small building is a counter set up with several dyes. If you have found the Clown’s guide to paint’s makeup and acid and you have 6 weird science you’ll be able to mix the dyes and get the pass. In the video I said that I haven’t found that book yet, however after checking my inventory I do have it, it’s found in the same room as the clones in Sans Luxe apartments and is green in colour, I didn’t have that much invested in weird science anyway. In the corner is a fortune teller and outside and to the left of the building is 6 fingered Larry and his foul mouthed parrot so unless you want to be insulted, stay away.

To get into the Bizarre I paid the $500 entry fee, which you more than make back in the prison block of the Warrens, not to mention the reward from Flab. Along the left wall, first,is Chix Flix Theater where you can get the quest Cinema Verite. Next in the corner is Quarex’s museum. In the corner of the museum is the Tarjan machine and when you interact with it you’ll learn the Eye Of Tarjan perk. Mastato the chef has a stall set up in the middle of the Bizarre and he’ll come to work at HQ if you find some ramen noodles for him , this is the second quest called My Body Needs This. Upstairs is Flab The Inhaler, talking to him will give you the Nightmare In The Bizarre quest.

The Warrens is downstairs. Straight ahead from the entry point is DJ RIP and if you play an on air game with him you’ll win a Sonic Emitter and $ 228. To get further into the Warrens you ‘ll have to talk to Frank E Steen who is guarding the door. Just inside the door are 2 Waste wormling’s. After you take out the first 2 the last one won’t appear until you end your turn. These worms are the easiest things to take out, it gets harder as you go further into the Warrens. Don’t forget, like I did, to collect the loot in the back of the truck before moving on.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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