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Wasteland 3 The Bizarre Clearing The Drools From The Greenhouse and Area

Drools prior to combat.

Hello everybody.

My strategy for fighting these Drools was to first go to the greenhouse, which is located to the left of the Toy Warehouse. Just outside is a computer that can be hacked, nerd stuff 3. This will start the pump which circulates pesticide gas. There are around 5 Drools in the greenhouse and this will reduce their health by around half. While that’s happening I then went back into the Toy Warehouse and exited at the back. There is a mission critical object straight out the back near the wall. Just passed the entrance to the Dentist office is an alley way that a couple of Drools walk back and forth in. This is a good location to initiate combat from. If you are lucky you’ll only have to deal with 2 of them before going to the greenhouse . In my case is was almost as good, I had to fight 4 of them. Sometimes all of them will come and that makes it much more difficult. If you have friendly fire on then you’ll want to be aware of your other squad members and not shoot them like I did.

At the warehouse it didn’t go exactly to plan as I was too slow to get the first shot so I was defending instead of attacking , but in this case it didn’t matter because the Drools in the greenhouse were so low on health that they were easily taken care of. There are a couple of loot locations on the outside of the greenhouse and a couple on the inside. Overall this combat went very well and the fact that I poisoned the 5 Drools in the greenhouse and the help from The Provost made it even easier.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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