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Wasteland 3 The Bizarre Dentist Office

Dr. Smiles

Hello everybody.

I didn’t bother taking to Dr. Smiles because there is no talking your way through this, as a result I didn’t go past the doorway when I positioned my squad. I focused my attacks on Dr. Smiles first, she throws healing darts to heal her squad and she has a powerful melee weapon that will put you out with a couple of strikes. Unfortunately I didn’t quite do it and it was actually her own flamethrower that took her out. Kwon got stranded in the door way and was left unprotected. I used 2 turrets that were not very effective but the Molotov cocktail that I threw on the 2 clowns that were on the right eventually got one of them.

It’s pretty clear that my squad is hugely under powered which meant I had to revive squad members several times and use many medical hypos. In the end I had 2 members die and I had to use a nitro spike to revive them. Every member of my squad was hurting. The safe, lock picking 7, had some cash, ammo, mods, a weapon, and some junk. The door at the back, lock picking 7, nerd stuff 4 or break it down, leads outside where there is an access to the Warrens, a medical box and a locker that requires lock picking 8. Although you can break into the locker, by doing so you will destroy the weapon.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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