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Wasteland 3 The Clown Museum

Clown car under the big top

Hello everybody.

This side mission is out of sequence because I forgot to go to the Clown Museum before I left the Bizarre area. I’m doing this side mission right after the Massacre site so before I traveled to the Bizarre I searched and found the merchant called Cheebus. This merchant has some high level weapons so it’s worth it to take the time and locate him and see if his weapons are better that what you currently have. Cheebus could be anywhere from the north where you crossed the bridge to the gas station in the south and sometimes he’s in the eastern part which is radioactive so unless you’ve done the Psychopath mission and have the better Kokiak chassis you won’t last long there. If you can’t find him just reload your game and search again. In my case he was just east of the Massacre site on the other side of the wind mill. He sells all of the regular supplies but I only looked at the guns and I bought a better pistol for Lucia and another sniper riffle for Simo. The weapons are level 17 and 19, the melee weapons are level 19 and the brawling weapons are level 17. There are also weapon and armour mods and one armour mod that I should’ve bought is the phase temper controller, it provides 60% resistance to cold, energy, fire, and explosives, however it reduces your armour by 4 so it’s something to consider.

Just to the north east of this location is a hidden structure but it’s in the radioactive area, I was going to leave it but changed my mind and went back. If you’re going to do this it’s best to do it at full health because your health will start to drop pretty quickly. I used sneak 6, explosives 7 and got the Nooka Zuka, a tactical nuke, and some Big League Chew. You have to use both sneak and explosives or the structure will be destroyed and you’ll get nothing.

After all that it was time to travel back to the Bizarre and enter the Clown Museum. The Museum is located to the north west of the Bizarre. At the entrance there will be 6 clowns to take out, I didn’t talk to them so I don’t have any dialogue options to offer. The use of the ambush skill is very helpful, it’s like getting free shots after the combat starts, this is especially effective with the Kodiak. On the other side of the gate is a ballerina display, two of them have to be repaired with the gyro’s that can be found in several locations and the rest have to be powered up.

I totally missed the purpose of the ballerina’s . If you look at the building to the left of the ballerina’s you’ll see an intercom on the wall. If you talk to the intercom and say you want to come in she’ll ask you for a ticket. When you tell her that the ticket clown out front is dead she’ll say no ticket you don’t get in. When you offer to come to some kind of agreement she’ll tell you to repair the ballerinas. When the ballerinas are repaired and powered up Miron will open the doors to come out and see them, so this whole thing was another way to get into the museum.

I took an altogether different approach. Since I didn’t talk to anybody and I didn’t want to spent the skill points to repair the generator I just broke the door with my melee character. This will initiate combat but you’ll only have to take care of Miron. Under the big top are 3 clowns, 3 turrets and a clown car. There is a trick to this combat, to increase your odds of surviving greatly target the clown car first. I got it on my first shot but even if you don’t you should keep at it until it’s destroyed. If you don’t destroy it a couple of clowns will come out of the back on every turn adding to the number you have to take out, so destroying it means you’ll only have to take out the 3 clowns and 3 turrets. With the combat over I thought I was done but when I went outside I notice a frozen mount by the bowling lane, so I added a bit to the video. It turned out to be a body with the loot a Stoll’s Burden a collection of old dog tags, $202 and a junk item.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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