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Wasteland 3 The Hoon Homestead

Some of the gang

Hello everybody.

In the first part of this video I collected the loot around Broadmoor heights and Colorado Springs. I gave Lucia toaster repair 4 and Mcbane lock picking 6. I hesitated to upgrade these skills thinking it would leave me at a disadvantage in combat, but in the battles that lie ahead I’m still ok.

When you arrive in Colorado and start down the road Erastus Dorsey will radio you an ultimatum, either you go to the Hoon Homestead or he’ll kill everybody. Just a little further and you’ll get a distress call from Arapaho 44 so you’ll have to make a decision which one to go to whichever one you go to the other will be destroyed. I went to the Hoon Homestead. It doesn’t make much difference which one you choose.

At the homestead there are a least 7 Dorseys along with 3 bloodbeasts. You will have the option to talk your way out of it resulting with the Dorseys leaving, however since we are trying to eliminate the Dorsey gang I took them all out.

There is one racketeer in the bunch that I think should be taken out as soon as possible, after that the bloodbeast , they do huge damage. You’ll have the Kodiak with you in this battle which will help to level the playing field.

In the homestead is a safe and a broken toaster. Behind is a goat with 2 heads Killy Billy that can be tamed. There is a bunker behind the homestead. As soon as you enter through the 2nd doorway there will be a trip wire which requires sneak 4 to disarm. The door controlled by the computer, or lock picking 6 I’m pretty sure can broken down with either your melee character or by shooting. There are a couple of loot containers and armour/ weapon crates.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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