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Wasteland 3 The Psychopath conclusion

The Psychopath

Hello everybody

I started off by going back to the lobby and opening the door beside the bar with the gold plated hammer. The large container holds the Patriarch’s Prototype Hammer a level 22 blunt weapon. Since acquiring this weapon I’ve only used it a few times and still prefer the chainsaw sword a level 21 bladed weapon that I got from the massacre site.

After you’ve rescued all 5 hostages you can then go deal with Ash. As soon as you enter the security room he’ll immediately surrender and offer you the key to the Patriarch’s Wing. Now you could either arrest, free, or kill him but since Lucia speaks up on his behave, and I got the key, I chose to arrest him. Before moving on collect the loot. The safe was a level 9 lock picking and contained some armour.

With the key in your possession head back to the Patriarch’s wing. The lower level offers lots of cover but before you initiate combat disable the generators that are on each side of the staircase, these power 2 turrets on the mid level. There are 6 breathers to contend with among them 2 nox bombers and 1 fumer. I positioned half of my squad on either side of the staircase. I initiated combat with my sniper but missed so the rest of my squad went into ambush. My ambush shots took out 2 breathers and brought 3 more into range. I used the Patriarch’s Hammer on the fumer that came down and with a thunder strike and regular strike almost took him out, so it’s definitely worth having, the only thing I don’t like about it is it’s a 4 AP weapon. Lucia finished the fumer off and the 2 nox bombers were also taken out. The one remaining breather retreated to the upper level but was taken out by my razorback and Kwon. There is another way to go about this, you still have to disable the generators but after that enter the room on your left, inside will be another door on your right that goes outside and leads the upper level. You could stage your combat from around this door. I’ve done it both ways so either way works. Before interacting with the intercom collect the loot but beware of tripwires at the bottom of both staircases that lead to the upper level. I went outside to see where the door lead, so this is a way to get your squad to the upper level and there’s also a fox there if you don’t have an animal companion.

Use the intercom to get into Vic’s room. The 2 options for non combat are 1. Kiss 10, Be smart your father will keep sending people…… or 2. first aid 8 We can tell from looking at your eyes that you’ve been using those gases …….

There was only one option for me and that was to arrest him and have him sent to the jail in Ranger HQ.

Inside the large container beside the bed you’ll find a leadership skill book, the Polar Vortex a level 22 assault riffle, and Saul Buchanan’s medical report. The level 7 toaster yields a Poke Action Figure. At this point in the game it remains to be seen if this is of any value. The drug stash included the K-Cannon a level 22 revolver.

On your way out go into the room on the left on the lower level and tell Gwendolyn Reed that Vic has been taken care of and that her daughters are safe, she is not grateful at all and leaves with threats of informing the Patriarch about your tardiness. There is one container in the right corner of the room. Before you leave the facility you’ll have the option of adding Pezepi to your squad. I didn’t want to make any changes so I left her there.

Now you have to travel to Broadmoor Heights and talk to Saul, for a reward you’ll receive a caltrop launcher for the Kodiak and $ 570. After your conversation Saul will ask you about the secret bunker, so you have 2 options you could admit it was you or you could lie. The lie might catch up with you later so I told the truth and got away with a ” your on your last chance”

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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