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Wasteland 3 The Psychopath Raising A Little Hell part 2

One of the Weapons from the Bunker

Hello everybody.

With the bridge lowered the way to the gondola is now open. You could go either way, left or right, but your better off to go to the left. The first obstacle are the flames blocking the way. Get one of your team to stand on the pressure plate, this shuts off the flame in front of the left cage. Now get another squad member to enter the left cage and flip the switch that opens the door for the right cage. When the person standing on the pressure plate steps off the flame in the right cage stops. Move your squad through the cage, collecting the loot, and onto the other side.

The next obstacle are the turning rakes. I moved my melee character to the far left corner where the Broadmoor Heights resident was lying and turned off that switch first, this stops the first rake allowing you to get at the switch to turn of the rake blocking the catwalk. Dealing with the resident is optional but if you do what he wants there will be some loot for you to collect, a cookbook and some cash.

At the end of the catwalk there will be 3 doors, go to the far left and collect the loot, inside the cage there are 2 weapon crates, both lock picking 6. The stairs to the right of the cage lead to a broken valve, if you have mechanics 7 you’ll be able to repair it and open the valve releasing some fuel into the Growler cage exploding the 3 containers and setting the Growlers on fire. The Growlers can be taken out from the stairs.

Hacking both doors will provide extra XP. Inside this cage is a Growler Cub that I assume requires animal whisperer 10 to tame. The door at the bottom of the stairs is booby trapped, explosives 8 will disarm it. The stairs lead to the entrance to the gondola. There’s 3 loot locations along the building on the left that can be collected without being noticed. Before you attack turn off the generator that provides power to the turrets. There is plenty of cover so you can split you squad into 2 or 3 groups and attack multiple areas at the same time. There are 7 breathers guarding the entrance. The Nox Bomber was my first priority, after that was the Fumer once he came into range. With the combination of attack and ambush I was able to take them all out. Neither the Nox Bomber nor the Fumer fired a shot. Make a survey of the yard in front of the gondola entrance for loot. To the right of the entrance there’s a tool box. In the bathroom there’s a level 9 safe that had $ 127 and a weapon crate. When I left the bathroom and started to move to the next area McBane for some unknown reason attacked an explosive barrel, the good thing was he was the only one that took any damage.

There are 9 breathers in the lower level. I positioned my squad at the bottom of the stairs and by the cement truck. I used ambush on just about every turn and it wasn’t until the last breather that I moved away from the stairs. After combat survey the area for loot, I got most of it but missed a grenade box at the bottom of the stairs on the right.

There are 2 ways to enter the bunker. The best way to go is to repair the generator that’s behind the cement truck that powers the computer, it can be used to lift the seacan container revealing a ladder that leads into the office part of the bunker. The first thing on the left is a level 9 safe that has a little bit of everything in it, there’s also 2 medical crates. If you have nerd 6 the computer can be hacked to disable the defenses, the bots will still move around but won’t see you as a threat. Besides the loot on the corpses there are 4 lockers. The first locker on the right will always have the NIDHOGG a level 19 Heavy Machine Gun. The second locker some sort of melee weapon, the third some sort of SMG, and the last locker has the Cold Comfort level 18 pump shotgun. That’s it, if you have to resupply there is a doctor up at the resort but he’s 4 times as expensive so if you’re low on cash it’s better go back and see Opie.

Thanks for watching , God Bless and happy gaming

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