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Wasteland 3 The Psychopath Raising A Little Hell

Breathers patrol outside welcome center

Hello everybody.

Aspen is located north west of Colorado Springs on the world map so to make it easier to get there take the route you would to go to the Department Of Energy, drive north until you reach the meat bill board and turn left. Continue driving west until you see a tower on your left and Aspen Outskirts appears on your screen, a short distance forward Rocky Mountains will appear on your screen then it’s just over the bridge on the right.

The first area will be the welcome lodge. There are 7 breathers guarding the yard outside. There lots of cover that you can use, the van on the right is one spot that you can go where you won’t be detected. The Kodiak is also available for this combat so my standard procedure is to initiate combat with my sniper and then set the rest of my squad into ambush. Most of the time I get a one shot kill with my sniper but it wasn’t the case this time and it would’ve been better to move the Kodiak a little closer. All through Aspen the breathers use poison grenades and poison launchers so you’ll need a good supply of antidote. Besides the loot from the breathers there’s 2 buried locations, a couple of ammo boxes, a medical crate and a level 7 cube van, so make a survey of the yard before you head in. The employee lounge key is in the back to the cube van, that will get you inside without having to break the door.

The first door on the left requires lock picking 6, inside are 2 lockers that are also lock picking 6. The second door on the left requires lock picking 7, inside is Opie the merchant for the Welcome Lodge and a level 9 safe that contains a tape from Opie and some cash which I forgot to hack.

Down the hall there’s a medical box on the wall and a level 7 trip wire at the top of the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs there’s a room on the right, inside is a computer and a container. The container holds some cash and the key to the Admin Office. The computer is nerd level 6 and can be hacked to reprogram the turret to attack the breathers. Go through the double doors at the end of the hall and turn right, ahead of you will be another set of double doors that are lock picking 6. You’ll be able to hack the door and go inside without being noticed. In this room there’s a vending machine, a broken toaster and a computer that controls the raising and lowering of the bridge. Once the bridge is lowered you could go back the way you came if you don’t want to take on the breathers inside the lodge. I took them all out and with ambush and the turret is was a piece of cake. As for the loot in the room, back at the bar there’s a body slumped over the bar that has the Veteran’s Ranger Star and a booze box .

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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