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Wasteland 3 The Scorpitron

Combat about to start

Hello everybody.

This Scorpitron can be found stomping around outside the Tellurium mine where the War Of The Worlds took place. When you try to talk to it, it stops and turns around. You are now given the opportunity to move the caches out of harms way. This starts at sneak 1, then 3 and it ended at sneak 5. If you don’t do this and select fight right away all of the caches will be destroyed and that loot will be lost. After this combat will commence.

The main threat is the Scorpitron it has auto turrets, rockets and double flame throwers and there’s no way you’ll survive the turret attack or the rockets, next is the Killer robots who can shoot you from a distance and can usually take you out with their 2 shots, and finally the Octotrons. At the begging of combat there’s usually a Killer robot within range and those are the ones I go for first, however this time there was not and I had to take out one of the Octotrons. In order for you to survive you have to find cover where the Scorpitron and Killers can’t shoot you. It’s important to keep your Kodiak working so I had my sniper carry the tool boxes to keep it repaired. I have the rail gun that I got from the Patriarch equipped on the Kodiak and it usually takes out the Killers and Octotrons with one shot. When I can I put the Kodiak into prepare so it’ll have more AP on the next turn and that gives me 2 shots. I also used the Kodiak for cover. On my first turn I wasn’t too aggressive and tried to stay close to the Kodiak. You can see that the Killer behind the wall looks like it shot right through it and was able to hit 2 squad members taking cover behind the Kodiak. At this point in combat the Scorpitron advanced but not all the way and that made it easier, also it was now in range of my sniper who with one shot did a lot of damage and with a second lucky shot finished it off. This left only one Killer robot to deal with. In the end I had 1 squad member that had to be revived. I did another video where half of my squad was dead but that time I didn’t stay close to the Kodiak.

The possible loot you’ll get are a level 21 sniper riffle, a level 22 shotgun, level 19 flamethrower, level 17 blunt weapon, level 21 SMG, level 21 bladed weapon, there are also some brawling weapons. The loot is different every time you do it. What ever loot you get it’s worth it to try to beat it.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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