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Wasteland 3 The Traitor Conclusion

Greetings from Liberty

Hello everybody

The first thing you’ll have to get past is the level 10 front gate, this requires lock picking 10 or it can be broken down. If your small arms character has the perk that does 100% damage to cover, position them at the front as you approach the door. When you interact with the door you’ll get a point of no return warning and by proceeding you’ll enter the beginning of the end of the game. When the doors open a short cut scene will play as your squad walks in. Your squad will be more or less in the same position as they were on the ramp before you entered, but the person you had interact with the door will remain in front.

When Liberty is done talking she’ll give you an ultimatum, either go back to Arizona or stay and die. You’ll have a few choices depending who you are going to side with. Your choices are as follows:

  1. Hard Ass 10 ”You’re the one who’ll die……”. If you choose this option she’ll surrender and all combat will be avoided.
  2. Kiss Ass 10 ”If we go home, you lose……”. If you chose this option and attempt to become her new army Lucia will object vehemently and combat will be initiated. When Liberty’s health gets to just below half she’ll surrender and you can either arrest her ending combat or kill her. If you choose to kill her she’ll regain some of her health back up to about 3/4 and you’ll have to defeat everything in the room, it’s difficult and you’ll use up some of your health supplies and ammo but it’s doable.
  3. Nerd Stuff 10 ” Use your radio to hack her power armour and disable her drone control” If you choose this option combat will be initiated and you’ll be fighting everything except the 2 war bots.
  4. ”Sorry we’re not going home until you’re in custody” If you choose this option combat will be initiated with you on the defensive. Very difficult
  5. ”Attack” If you choose this option combat will be initiated with you on the offensive. This option is not as difficult because once Liberty reaches about half health she’ll surrender.

I chose to use Nerd Stuff 10, so with Buck Shot in front it took her 2 shots to destroy Liberty’s cover. It took about a turn and a half to get Liberty down to half health and fittingly it was Lucia that took the final shots. When Liberty surrenders you’ll make a call to Ranger HQ to have her picked up.

Lucia’s father is locked in a small room in the northwest corner. Lucia will talk to him and after their long conversation she’ll ask you ”what do I do with my father”. You’re response options are as follows:

  1. Exile him. Lucia will say ” That seems fitting but it’s a hard thing to exile your own kin.
  2. The Dorseys are gone now…… . Lucia will protest because he’s escaping justice after telling Lucia since birth to pursue justice.
  3. Be civilized about it. Bring him home to stand trail. This seems to satisfy Lucia and offers to take her father to sheriff Daisy. At this point you could let her go and replace her with someone else.

As for loot in the room, in the northeast corner up on the elevated section there’s an armour crate with some level 24 armour and a level 8 explosives locker beside it with a creepy doll Hyper Heather the grants all squad members +5% initiation. In the room where Lucia’s father was there’s a weapon crate with a quick fire mag recipe and a level 21 weapon.

If you took the mysterious case from Satoshi, apartment 6 Sans Luxe apartments, earlier in the game and didn’t open it, Satoshi will meet you on your way out of Yuma County. He’ll ask for the case back, in exchange you’ll receive a nuclear armour set.

Once you leave Yuma County and are on the world map Angela Deth will call on the radio and The Traitor mission will be completed when you tell her what happened to Liberty. she’ll them ask if you are ready to help with the second part of her plan, to eliminate the Patriarch. If you side with her the mission Downtown Showdown will start, if you don’t the mission Promises Made Promises Kept will start.

I stuck with the Patriarch, either way there’s combat up ahead.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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