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Wasteland 3 The Traitor part 2

Dealing with the secondary defenses

Hello everybody.

Once again there are 2 turrets but this time 5 Dorsey’s to deal with. There is plenty of cover so you could approach this from either side. I chose to position 2 squad members that had the longest range on the balcony on the west side of the compound, the rest of my squad I positioned at the bottom of the stairs behind cover and concealed with smoke. My initial shot with my sniper missed, so not the best start. I put the rest into ambush and let the Dorsey’s travel to my locale. Although I wasn’t out of range of the turrets the cover and smoke protected my squad fairly well. Once there was only 2 Dorsey’s left I started to advance, there was a turret and Dorsey on each side of the gate. McBane took out the Dorsey on the left but couldn’t get the turret and ended up taking shots from both turrets and just surviving. The turret on the left was so low on health that it only took one shot from the toaster to destroy it. The other turret was taken out by my sniper which left only one Dorsey who didn’t last long.

As for loot, in the northeast corner there is a level 10 safe with a little bit of everything including an HE Capsule crafting recipe, a weapon crate with the level 24 Flamesaw Cannon heavy machine gun, an ammo box and a tool box.

In the northwest corner there is a room behind a level 9 locked door. Inside the room there is a large container with a little bit of everything including a level 21 Guardian semi auto pistol, a grenade box, an ammo box and a medical crate.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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