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Wasteland 3 The Warrens Prison Block

The Prison Block

Hello everybody.

The first area of the Warrens we have to take on is the Prison Block. There are 7 Payaso’s and 2 of them have flamethrowers. When you’re positioning your squad you should spread them out so when the flamethrowers are in range they won’t kill your whole squad. I was hoping my initial shot was going to take out at least one of the Payaso’s but it didn’t work out that way, so in the first round I only took out 1 of them. On their turn the pigs fuses are lit and the flamethrowers closed the distance to me, but they were now in range of Simo my sniper and Sparky so that’s who I now focused on. I managed to take out 1 of them on my second round. On their round the flamethrower moved closer but my squad was just out of range. On the third round I continued to work on the flamethrower and at one point I moved Lucia pretty close and took a couple of shots, however the flamethrower was still alive but now I noticed that there were 3 of them close together around the nitrogen tank so with Sparky I was able to get 2 of them with a rocket which left the flamethrower but he was so low on health it only took one shot from Buckshot and after Mcbane’s thundering strike on the Payaso close to him that left only one to deal with.

After the battle there are 5 rooms to explore, 2 of the rooms have ice covering the doors. There is a computer in the back room that will activate the defrost system. You’ll need mechanis 5 to repair the generator, however I noticed that the ice around the door closest to the entrance to the Prison block was broken when I shot the rocket at the flamethrower and his 2 friends, so if you don’t have mechanics 5 you should be able to break the ice somehow. As for the doors that require lock picking 7 they can be broken with a melee character of by shooting at them. In one of the rooms is character named The Prevost that once freed will follow you and sometimes fight for you. The room on the right corner has a safe, lock picking 7 and I don’t think you can break into it, with a Frostbite pistol and $255. If you collect all of the loot in the Prison Block area you’ll get more than enough cash to cover the entrance fee of $500.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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