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Wasteland 3 The Warrens The Diner

The Diner just before combat

Hello everybody.

The diner entrance is just beyond the leaking steam that you see from the parking lot. If you move one squad member onto the activation plate by the grenade box the steam will shut off. There is a broken valve on the other side of the vessel that can be repaired if you have mechanics level 3. If you don’t have mechanics level 3 you’ll have to leave your squad member on the plate while the rest of your squad moves past the steam vessel leaving you 1 less member to fight with. There is another way however, you could move the member you had standing on the plate and backtrack to the prison block and go down the other hallway until you get to the playground and then hang a right, this will position your member in the kitchen of the diner directly across from the other members of your squad.

The entrance to the diner doesn’t offer a lot of cover so I positioned my sniper behind the box on the right which was the only cover that’s within range. The rest of the squad I just formed a line next to Simo. I initiated combat with Sparky using a rocket. After my first round 1 Payaso was dead, 3 of my squad were moved forward and in range of the enemy, to make matters a little worse Lucia took some damage when Buckshot fired and Mcbane missed.

The main threat on the enemy side I think is Lieutenant Giggles who moved up to Mcbane and with one strike took his health down to half. The rest of the Payaso squad advanced and used smoke to hide themselves.

On my second round I started to work on Lieutenant Giggles, who’s full health is 518. Simo’s shot did some damage, Mcbane for some reason had 0 ap, Lucia took a few shots but Giggles was still there. So after my second round Lieutenant Giggles was still there, but just barely.

On their round Giggles attacked Mcbane but missed his last strike, the others put Lucia and Buckshot out of action.

On my third round Mcbane was able to take out Giggles and also take a health so he was in good shape. Kown , Sparky, and Simo took out 2 more of their squad leaving only one.

The single remaining Payaso moved up using all of his ap, so he was taken care of with little difficulty, even The Provost got involved.

Included in the loot is another limerick sheet that you’ll need to enter the chapel , there’s also a container with some cash.

The vending machine in the back that Giggles was shaking is where the ramen noodles are, you need these to complete the My Body Needs This quest. If you have nerd stuff 5 you can hack the machine and it’ll give you the noodles. If you don’t have nerd stuff 5 there’s an option to insert a silver coin, you’ll need at least 2 coins. You can use the coins from the parking meters, so there’s a meter before you enter the diner, there’s another meter in the hallway connecting the diner kitchen and the other hallway. There’s also one just before the computer room and one in the hallway just before the prison block entrance.

With ramen noodles in hand head back upstairs and talk to Masato , you’ll earn $314 along with some food.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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