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Wasteland 3 The Zealot quest completion

The Patriarch

Hello everybody.

This video starts in the ambush location that was along the way to Colorado Springs . As soon as I loaded into the Kodiak I got a radio message from Ranger Command from Morningstar who needs rescue. This opens up the mission ” Call To Action ”, that you can do later, and the location, Union Station, will be marked on your map. If you don’t get the radio call just travel a little past the Denver ruins and hang a right when you can and you should get the message.

I went to HQ to collect the reward from Gary for the synth contract but you could go to Broadmoor heights directly from Colorado Springs.

When you reach Broadmoor Heights go the the Patriarch’s palace. The radio message that I got from Corporal Marcelo Gonzalez can be dealt with later when you return to HQ. To get into the palace you’ll have to talk to Diligent Joe who will be standing in front of the double doors, dressed in a reddish brown suit.

Once inside go up 2 flights of stairs and you’ll find the Patriarch sitting on his throne. You’ll receive ammo of several types and a much better weapon for the Kodiak, the rail gun, just don’t forget to equip it.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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