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Wasteland 3 Thicker Than Water

One of the many beasts

Hello everybody.

This quest is started by talking to Randy Gett, who can be found standing along the right side of the food court in the Bizarre. The Gett homestead is a short ride in the Kodiak and just over the bridge as you leave the Bizarre area.

The homestead has been overrun by Razorback beasts, these beasts spit poison at you that gradually eats away at your health. There is a grenade box behind the generator powered door. You can either repair the generator, mechanics 6 , or break the door, either way you’ll get some kind of grenade, frag or emp.

At the top of the ramp on the right is a Mountain Goat, lock picking 5 opens the door or it can be broken. This goat can be tamed with animal whisperer 4 or 3 plus the grooming brush that you can buy from Aanada back at the Bizzare exterior. If you can tame the goat you’ll be a little better off. With these beasts every little bit helps, they are not easy to deal with. There are 6 beast up there and it doesn’t matter where you position your squad they’ll be able to reach them with their spit. The turrets that I deployed weren’t that effective but I would still use them. The Spitfire flamethrower that was in the safe was pretty effective against these beast so it’s worth getting it if you can. There’s no question this battle is very tough, you definitely need a good supply of medical hypos and other health restoring aids.

Randy’s sister Nita is in the room at the end and is a little messed up. There’s 2 choices, 1 shoot her or 2 go back to the other room with the safe and get Nita a finger from the corpse on the floor and lead her back to Randy, either way he’ll go work in HQ for you and when you go back to see him you’ll receive the vehicular combat perk.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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