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Wasteland 3 Toaster Repair Academy

Location of the Toaster Repair Academy

Hello everybody.

This location will become discoverable if you’ve been repairing toasters during your play through. You’ll need the following items:

  1. Gold insulated power cord that’s in the broken toaster in the kitchen of Lucia Wesson’s house in Broadmoor Heights.
  2. Molded gold toaster case that’s in the broken toaster in the kitchen of the Hoon Residence.
  3. Gold infused mica sheeting that’s in the broken toaster by the RV in Paint Mines
  4. Gold plated nichrome wire that’s in the broken toaster in the room that has the bridge control computer in the welcome lodge in Aspen
  5. Bi-metallic gold alloy filament that’s in the broken toaster in the barn, up on the loft on the left at the Knox Bison Ranch.

The location of the Toaster Repair Academy is west of the Bizarre and close to the second bridge in the Southern Dunes. There is a bank of computer equipment at the back of the academy connected to a table, place your assembled toaster on it and after a flash the toaster becomes a fighting ally. Since adding the toaster to my squad the results are mixed, first of all it misses a lot, and when it doesn’t miss it does damage in the high 40’s. It seems to do better if it’s very close to the enemy, I’ve seen it do high 130’s damage a few times. It’s still better having it than not.

As for loot, on the left side of the academy there’s a medical crate and a grenade box. On the right side there’s 1 armour crate, 1 weapons crate, 1 large container, and a safe. The armour crate close to the entrance has some kind of level 24 amour, the weapon crate in the middle has the Tesla Arc Projector a level 24 flame thrower, the large container has the level 30 Verchitin Armor set. The level 10 safe has a little bit of everything including some sort of level 21 weapon.

There’s no combat involved other than the hostile encounters you might run into on the way there but it’s well worth going there even if it’s just for the loot. You’ll be a little better prepared for Yuma County.

Thanks for watching , God Bless and happy gaming

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