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Wasteland 3 Tom And Isabelle Redd

Tom Redd outside at Ranger HQ

Hello everybody.

At some point in the game, but not too far in ,you should notice Tom and Isabelle Redd in the yard at Ranger HQ. At first I didn’t know what they were all about other than they said that someone strapped bombs onto them and they can’t get close to each other and you have to disarm both bombs at the same time or they’ll explode . As you talk to them you’ll see that the bombs are fake. If you go talk to Isabelle you’ll get the exact same story. It’s not until you separate your squad and have some of them with Tom and some of them with Isabelle that things begin to happen. Once you have some squad with both of the Redd’s and talk to either one combat will break out. It was their intention to divide and conquer.

Tom and Isabelle Redd both start with 1259 health, so they have far more health than any member of my squad but , even if you only have one squad member with Tom and the rest with Isabelle or vise versa you’ll still be ok because you get so much help from the Ranger HQ personnel and the other groups in the yard.

My sniper was pretty much useless in this combat, but that didn’t make much difference. When the combat is over you’ll have a chest to loot near the front travel point and a pretty good melee weapon from Isabelle.

That’s it an easy little side mission.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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