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Wasteland 3 Top Doc Quest

Inside Doc Parker’s temporary clinic

Hello everybody.

This quest will provide you with a Dr. that will work for you back at HQ.

I just made a loop around the area to collect the loot before I went to see the doctor. Either way you go will get you there. On the way I helped the merchant that’s on the corner in front of the closed museum. You’ll need someone in your squad that can disarm land mines to get paid. Setting them off will allow her to get back to business but that’s it and you’ll sustain some damage for nothing.

The Doc has a bay in the garage but before you go talk to him collect the loot from the 2 containers that are in front of the open garage door. One of the boxes has a suture kit and a medic pack, those will take care of the bleeding patient and the unconscious patient. The third patient requires an injury kit. I had one in my inventory but if you don’t have any of these items you can buy them all from Mary Milk Teeth, she’s the merchant right across from the merchant, Taiwan Jones, where you defused the landmine.

Finally the process for healing the patients is as follows: equip the required item, select it, then click on the patient, make sure it’s the patient and not yourself.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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